Top Five universities in Brazil for Best Education



Top Five universities in Brazil for Best Education

If you’re looking for ways to study abroad, may we suggest Brazil? The last decade has been very good for the country economically. Many TNCs have set up their headquarters in the country, and this has led to economic growth. This directly translates into employment gains for the youth of the country. Brazil is investing heavily in building its educational infrastructure, and its universities are direct beneficiaries of this. As a result, students from all over the world are flocking to the country to pursue higher education. Not only are there quality institutions in Brazil, but there are also natural places that serve as an incentive to study.
Below, we list five universities in Brazil

1. Rio de Janeiro Federal University (UFRJ)

UFRJ is one of the best academic places in Brazil and is investing heavily to become a leading research institution. The mission of the university is to provide research and results that impact the nation and help its people achieve a better standard of living. UFRJ has over one hundred and fifty undergraduate programmes and over five hundred graduate programs. Offering all courses from botany to geology, you can choose the course of your choice here. Along with excellent research faculty, you also get a chance to get published in prestigious magazines and journals. As an aspiring teacher, this will benefit you immensely.

2. Federal University of So Paulo (UNIFESP)

UNIFESP started as a university offering courses only in the field of health, but over time it expanded into other fields as well. In recent days, it offers courses in health sciences, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and other technical fields. The expansion to six campuses is a testament to its promise of excellence and its delivery on that promise. When it comes to research, UNIFESP is one of the top universities in the country. Its scores are also high in the composite ranking of BRICS countries. UNIFESP’s faculty deserve credit for their strong performance and are dedicated to a better future for the university.

3. UFRGS (Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Serving more than 33 thousand students, UFRGS not only has a bright future but an equally glorious past. It is the only university on the list to have three former presidents on its alumni list. The final statement makes it clear that alumni have played a major role in enhancing the stature of the university, but they are not just words on a screen; they have invested in both its academic and infrastructure facilities. This proved to be a decisive factor in ensuring the popularity of UFRGS among foreign and national students.

4. UFSCar (Universidad Federal de Sao Carlos)

UFSCar has more than three hundred laboratories along with several theatres on its campus. These are centres of inflamed minds in the country. UFSCar is working towards the development of Brazil by holding frequent conferences on research and development in food security, agriculture, and sustainable development. Top students from the country study here, and those who want to play their part in the development of their country. A hub of sharp minds, students face fierce competition from each other. This will help in building their confidence to work side by side with other top scientists from around the world. As expected, UFSCar is the place to go if you are looking for international exposure as a student.

5. Universidade de Sao Paulo

The largest university in Brazil, with more than 88 thousand students and a staff of more than 20 thousand strong, USP plays a major role in the country’s reputation as an educational center. USP also has the highest number of papers and articles in reputed international journals. It also has student exchange programmes with the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. USPs are also important to Brazil’s cultural heritage. It has more than twenty museums that host the country’s cultural history; theatres that host national and international conferences; and it has its own TV channel that provides a national platform for students to shine. Of all the universities listed here, USP has the most to offer.


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